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Just a Reminder:

Dare 2 Dance Productions, Michael Diven, will not be at Golden Connections on Apri 26, 2024.


On the next couple of pages are a variety of lighting options that Dare 2 Dance Productions has to offer to help create a party atmosphere for your event. If you have any questions on any of the products available, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. All rental fees include set up and tear down. No extra hidden costs.


Fog Machine  



A fog machine or smoke machine is a device which emits a dense vapor that appears similar to fog or smoke. This artificial fog is most commonly used in professional entertainment applications. The American DJ Fog Machine creates a mystical fog that will create the illusion of fog on the dance floor. When added with lights, the effect could be both mesmerizing and mysterious. This is a great item to add for a themed party.

Rental Fee – $50.00

Chauvet Cyborg 





Bold and memorable disco light that will pack the dance floor all night!

The Chauvet Cyborg shoots out flower-like criss-crossing and rotating rays through colored lenses to craft artsy, vivid, and dynamic displays with a three-dimensional appearance that brings originality to any venue.

The Chauvet CH258 effects light is sound-activated.

Rental Fee – $50.00

Green Burst Laser





A laser light with seven fantastic gobos that will bring smiles to the dance floor.

The Venue BLG Burst Laser is a compact, high impact green diffusion gradient laser that adds energy to any light show by projecting sound-activated patterns on a wall, floor, or ceiling. Includes seven user-interchangeable gobos including: bursts, smiley faces, skulls, stars, hearts, and more. The Venue BLG laser operates in static, sound active, and auto modes with speed control and includes a C-clamp and a mounting base. The lightweight and compact laser light is perfect for DJ’s, small clubs, and mobile use. Use it with or without fog to create a stunning galaxy effect.

Rental Fee – $50.00



Tri Gem LED (below)



The Tri Gem from American dj is an extremely bright, affordable tri-led lighting effect.

The one x 3 watt tri-colored led creates a variety of colors such as red, green, blue, purple, yellow, cyan and white, which creates 23 beams of light filling a dance floor or club with color. The effect can be set to automatic or sound activated operation to suit your application.

Rental Fee – $50.00

Mirror Ball with Pin Lights



Though most people associate the mirror ball with the dance hall days of disco, mirror balls were first introduced to clubgoers as far back as the 1920s.

Today, most clubs just don’t feel like a real club without at least one version of this paean to parties of the past.

This 12″ MB12K mirror ball by Polaris uses its motor drive, 2 pin spots, and an assortment of colored gels to create enchanting, dazzling light shafts, adding movement and glamour to any occassion.

All you need now is some booty-shaking tunes, a crowd full of people, and you’ve got yourself a party!

Rental Fee – $75.00