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What makes you dance? For me it’s the music. Music inspires the creativity in us all.

Click on a dance name to view the step sheet.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them. 
Remember … Life is short … Dance hard!


California Sunset     Choreographed to “Somethings Gonna Kill Me” by Corey Kent
(32 count, 4 wall, Improver line dance - 1 tag, 2 restarts)
Do A Little Good  

Choreographed to "Do a Little Good" by Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell

(32 Count, Intermediate line dance, phrased to fit music)

Party with Strangers  

Choreographed to "Party with Strangers" by Frank Ray

(32 count - 4 wall, Beginner/Improver line dance, 1 tag, 1 restart)

Turn Back the Clock, Let's Rock    Choreographed to “Rock Around The Clock”
by Bill Haley and His Comets
(48 count – 4 wall, Beginner/Improver line dance)


More of my choreography: 

Alabama Country
All American
Ask Somebody
Ay’ Now
Bad Habits

Bankin’ Beer
Booze Cruise
Dancin' Feet

Elvis BNB (choreographed with Ruben Luna)
Everybody Dance
Floor Play (choreographed with Renita Vega)

Go Big (choreographed with Lynne Martino)
Good Vibes!

Headed For A Heartache (choreographed with Larry Bass)
Hell On Heels
Hit The Hardwood (HTH)

Just Another Thing
Lite It Up
Learn From It

One Less Day
Once In A Lifetime
Pink Shoelaces
Play It

Pray For Me
Ray Bans
Shoulda Known Better

Shuttin’ It Down
Smack Dab
Stars In The City
Still Summertime
Storm Warnin’
Sunny Daze
Sweet Treats
Take A Pill
The Champion

Treble (choreographed with Ruben Luna)
Undefeated (choreographed with Frank Trace and Amy Christian)
Wanna Be
Who, What, When
Why Wait (choreographed with Matt Thomson)
Wonder Woman